English Courses

English is the dominant language at an international level in areas like telecommunications, business, entertainment, science, diplomacy, information technology, etc.

On a typical day of school, approximately one billion people learn English in one form or another. In the European Union, 89% of students learn English as a foreign language.

Over 380 million people speak English as their mother tongue, and estimates that include English as a foreign language show that between 470 million and one billion people speak this language as a foreign language. It is probably the most widely spoken language in the world.

Through the courses organized by the Foreign Language Department, Skop Solution invites you to join the over one billion people who use English.

Organized as one-to-one or group courses (of 10 people maximum), our English language courses will help you advance in your career or develop on a personal level, enabling you to access all the opportunities that knowledge of this language offers you.

Whether you want to have access to the technical and scientific literature in English that you need for your job, or you are interested in communicating orally or in writing through English with people of other nationality, we are flexible and adapt to your wishes.

You can opt for general English, English for business or for a specialized domain (medical, technical, legal, hotel, etc.). Our course modules challenge you to learn grammatical structures and vocabulary in an interactive format.

The mission of our English language trainers is to offer you the English language learning experience with fun and professionalism.

The textbooks used in our courses are provided by prestigious international publishers (Oxford, Cambridge, Longman, Express Publishing, Macmillan, etc.) whose methods are verified and certified by decades of experience and hundreds of thousands of students.