English textbooks

Authors: Sarah Cunningham and Peter Moor with Jane Comyns Carr, Frances Eales and Chris Redston
Publishing House: Longman

Millions of teachers around the world appreciate Cutting Edge for its fun, thorough, communicative approach.

What’s special about New Cutting Edge?
The new editions contain all the ingredients that made the original edition so popular – a thorough grammar syllabus, plenty of vocabulary work and engaging speaking tasks. Based on feedback from teachers around the world, the new editions have been thoroughly updated with new texts and tasks, additional practice material and a whole range of other exciting features.

Authors: David Cotton, Simon Kent, David Falvey, Iwonna Dubicka and Margaret O’Keeffe
Publishing House: Longman

Market Leader brings today’s business issues straight into your classroom. Created with the Financial Times newspaper, Market Leader has Case Studies that really work, authentic articles from the FT and lots of additional components.

What’s special about Market Leader?
• Market Leader gives you the authority of the Financial Times
• It will engage your students because it uses current business topics, issues and themes
• Build your students’ confidence when using new language in business situations with regular vocabulary sections and lots of opportunities to practise
• Give the course as much grammar focus as you need